22 de junio
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Status of the routes:

1:30pm ferry delayed from Caleta Gonzalo.


southern Chile with us


passengers, vehicles and cargo


the Lakes Region of Chile

First-class transportation and logistics

Transportes Puelche is a company focused on the transportation of passengers, vehicles, and cargo, and solving connectivity issues in the isolated communities of Chile’s 10th region.

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Pichicolo - Ayacara - Caleta Gonzalo - Chumeldén

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Calbuco - Isla Puluqui

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Chulchuy - Huicha

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Lago Tagua Tagua

Puerto Canelo - Puerto Maldonado

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Maullín - La Pasada

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Las Mulatas - Torobayo

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Our Vision

To be the most trusted marine transportation companies, with the greatest protection for the isolated communities of the south of Chile, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, employees and stock holders, and projecting a sustainable growth over time, through the continued improvements and the application of new technology.

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