25 de marzo
Puerto Montt +56652470101 info@navierapuelche.cl
🌊⛴Ruta Canal Dalcahue:
Mañana sábado 25 de marzo 2023, NAVE OLIVIA suspenderá sus operaciones desde las 10:30 hrs. hasta las 16:00 hrs. por mantención preventiva. Agradecemos su comprensión.
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*Students (with their national student ID card) will ride for free. Seniors (over 60 years old) and people with disabilities will receive a 50% discount. 

**The rate corresponds to the amount to page for a two-way trip, and may include more than one vehicle for this rate, as long as they comply with the safety conditions. (We do not charge per vehicle).

*** In the specific case of buses with 2 or more axels that take public transportation of passengers, a preferencial rate of $18.000 will be applied.

Service subsidized by the Transportation and Telecommunication Ministry

Contract for the Granting of Subsidy for the Provision of the Maritime Transport Service