08 de junio
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5 hours ago
Todas las rutas operando normalmente.

Port Canelo

Daily trips at 9:00am and 1:00pm. Between December and March trips at 7:30am are also offered.

Port Maldonado

Daily trips at 12:00pm and 4:30pm. Between December and March trips at 8:15am are also offered.
(1) The rate applies to all users, be they pedestrians or are on board a vehicle, with the exception of vehicle drivers.
(2) Older adults correspond to people over 60 years old. The operator may request the Disability Credential to accredit such condition.
(3) Presenting your current national student card or certificate from the educational establishment that indicates the quality of the passenger’s regular student.
(4) Linear meter long, over a maximum width of 2.5 meters, equivalent to the width of a track.

(5) Users may carry a maximum of 100 kg. from load to floor.
(6) Amount to be paid, per direction of travel, per user requesting the special travel service, as defined in the section called “Special trips” of the clause called “Conditions of operation of the service”, being able to move more of a vehicle for said fee, provided that the safety conditions provided by the Maritime Authority are met. It should not be charged for passengers. This fare, as well as its conditions, apply in the case that special trips are made at a time between the first and last departure (by direction of travel) indicated in the number called “Itineraries and frequencies” of this annex. Otherwise, the definition of rates and conditions associated with a special trip may be defined by the operator.

Service subsidized by the Transportation and Telecommunication Ministry

Contract for the Granting of Subsidy for the Provision of the Maritime Transport Service