26 de julio
Puerto Montt +56 652470101 info@navierapuelche.cl

Status of the routes:

All routes operating normally.

Port Canelo

Daily trips at 9:00am and 1:00pm. Between December and March trips at 7:30am are also offered.

Port Maldonado

Daily trips at 12:00pm and 4:30pm. Between December and March trips at 8:15am are also offered.

*Students (with their national student ID card) will ride for free. Seniors (over 60 years old) and people with disabilities will receive a 50% discount.

In the case of adults that are passengers from the “Service of Land Transportation” from the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, the stretch of Primer Corral (Cruce Muller) – Punta Maldonado, ID CTA0290, a preferencial rate of $500 will be charged.

**The rate corresponds to the amount to page for a two-way trip, and may include more than one vehicle for this rate, as long as they comply with the safety conditions. (We do not charge per vehicle).

Service subsidized by the Transportation and Telecommunication Ministry

Contract for the Granting of Subsidy for the Provision of the Maritime Transport Service