05 de febrero
Puerto Montt +56652470101 info@navierapuelche.cl
🔘Todas nuestras rutas se encuentran operando con normalidad. 💳Recuerda que ya puedes pagar con tus tarjetas bancarias en nuestras rutas: Calbuco e Isla Puluqui, Canal Yal y el Canal de Dalcahue! 🌊🛳️ #Dalcahue #Islaquinchao #Islalemuy #Calbuco #lagotaguatagua #maullinn https://t.co/NZ6ViuZhyu

How to make a reservation

You can make a reservation in the Naviera Puelche offices and/or by phone call to +56 9 6300 5187.

Reservations can be made Monday to Friday from 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm.

The service is preferential to residents of the localities benefited by the service. Only those who live in these areas can make reservations.